Let's give a voice to the voiceless

Meet Our Team

Ida Rinsampessy

Initiator & Visionair

Annemarie Oord


dr. Jerome Joseph

Global Brand Consultant

Nina Ganguli

Chief Project Management

Medea Kalantar

Chief Customer Service

Levi Silver

CTO | Hologram expert

Our Initiator

About Ida Rinsampessy

GimsGiy is the brain child of Ida Rinsampessy, founder and ceo of GimsGiy. A stateless citizen for the first 20 years of her life she belongs to the world. She is the modern example of an ‘umomo universale, a surely gifted individual. Who found her own way in life in stead of navigating on other people’s expectations of her. Her journey included being a gifted pianist, an awarded kareka, invested in the business of wellbeing and healthcare.

She is a visionary with an ability to combine the drive of the truly talented with her dreams of creating a better world. Her hopes and aspirations for the world are the foundations on which GimsGiy is built.

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