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let's give a voice to the voiceless


How we see it …

You’ve got the GREATNESS in you! Even if you think you do not have a talent. It’s time for a different and more potential that takes into account everyone’s unique package of personal characteristics, dreams, passions, goals and development.


This is our goal …

Our goal is to create a better world by sharing knowledge about the mind, creativity and the depths of human potential. With our own video channel and using & developing the hologram technique the new connection 3.0 has born. In the near future the hologram technique needs to be accessible & affordable to everyone!


It is all in the name …

You’ve got the Greatness in YOU. The name GimsGiy stands for the Greatness In Me Sees the Greatness In You!
Do we say more? 🙂

The Greatness Is Within You!

We all have extraordinary creative, humanitarian, and spiritual possibilities. Yes, you too!

We are often alienated from our creative, humantarian and spiritual possibilities, because we are so focused on a small part of who we are and loose sight of who we could become. We spend so much time seeking validation that we fail to develop the strengths we already have within us, and we rarely take the time to fulfil our deepest needs in the most growth-oriented and integrated way possible. There are also so many economic and structural inequalities that keep people from even having a chance to figure out who they are and what they want. GimsGiy is going to change that! We give everyone the opportunity to tell his/her life story from ‘stress to the best!’ Not only the positive outcome, but also how it started is relevant! Because that’s life: with ups and downs! Are you in?

You don’t have to be a stranger,

Put your expertise online in the way that works best for you and/or your business. You control the pricing and keep all of your revenue — with no hidden fees

“Let’s fulfill your Greatest Potential and contribute to the good of society.”

By showing the other person how you have overcome your setbacks in life, you can help the other person find their own Greatness. Just sharing positive videos does not bring Greatness. We believe that we must remain realistic. Positivity is good, but life means that we also have to deal with disappointments. In the psychology we call this: Tragic Positivity!

The Greatness In You

Everyone has Greatness in them. Really everyone! Too many people are systematically caught between two stools by the standard model of intelligence. We believe in a theory that takes into account the passions, personal goals and abilities of the individual. The more we put in our effort and are optimally motivated to achieve something, the more our capabilities increase.

We really have no use for “false dichotomy” in our school system where there are only two binary categories of people with skills versus people with disabilities.

A false dichotomy is a kind of informal fallacy, a fallacy in which wrong assumptions are made in the premises and thus incorrect premises are used. A false dilemma falsely claims an “either/or” situation when in fact there is at least one other alternative.

In today’s society one can either learn well or not well. And if you learn well, ‘we’ think that that is the same as talent! There’s really nothing in between. We think there are many more possibilities. With our community we want to provide our members with the tools so that everyone can discover their Greatness! Share Your Greatness to the world and spread the energy!

There is more than one way to earn

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Share your (tragic) positive content on GimsGiy Media

How it works

Step 1

Go to GimsGiy.Media Make a registration. Upload your dream. Tell us your motives, actions & needs.

Step 2

If we post your dream on our channel, the whole world can see and support you!

Step 3

Our revenue model with the Pay-Per-View (PPV) option and fundraising will help you to create a financial foundation The PPV option gives you the opportunity to make a residual income.

Step 4

You can get all the help you need from our Catch-a-Coach (CAC) Members. These are expert in different fields, like branding, finance, administration, etc.

What are you waiting for?
Join us!

Sell your expertise online in the way that works best for your business. You control the pricing and keep all of your revenue — with no hidden fees

Collect special Moments.
Not Things.

Get your full potential through video’s, courses & workshops. Why should you collect your special moments with the GimsGiy Community???

  • It is not only about positive content, it is about content from members who show you how they solved their problems when they had to deal with trauma’s, difficult moments in life.
  • Become a member and EARN while you LEARN
  • We do not share your data with third parties
  • We do not use advertising
  • We will keep you updated from more news in the near future. As a member you will receive 10% discount on products or events

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